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The Golden Globe Race

The original GGR took place in 1968 where nine men set off to be the first to circumnavigate the globe, solo and unassisted. This was a jump into the unknown and whilst nine left only one returned. Sir Robin (Robin Knox Johnston) completed the voyage onboard his 32ft wooden ketch Suhaili and became the first man to sail around the world solo.

In 2018 the GGR was reenacted as a celebration of the 50th year anniversary of such an amazing achievement that changed solo sailing forever. The GGR 2018 brought retro sailing back into the limelight. Sailing in its purest form where no shoreside assistance is provided, no weather routing, no modern technology such a GPS nor satellite communication with loved ones ashore is permitted. The skipper and his boat take on this monstrous challenge to circumnavigate the globe in a yacht race onboard yachts between 32-36ft.

In the 2022 GGR I will be attempting to complete such a challenge as the first Maltese person to ever attempt such a feat and trying to join such an elite list of sailors who have managed to do so. 

In 2019 just over 200 sailors have circumnavigated the glove solo. About half did so non stop. Just 6 without using modern technology. To put that into perspective over 700 people have been to space and over 4000 people have scaled Mt Everest.  

The events start in a UK port on August 9th 2022 when GGR entrants assemble ahead of the charitable SITraN Challenge Race bound for the famous port of Les Sables d’ Olonne in France with the yachts setting off on August 14th 2022 with a race end date of August 16th. The yachts assemble in the harbour with a Race village opening it’d doors on the 20th August 2022 and the Golden Globe Race starting on the 4th of September 2022. 


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